Eastern Finger Lakes

This Finger Lakes campground has EVERYTHING!

  • Over 250 sites (open and shaded)
  • With many waterfront, marina, restaurant, pool, playground, and a large seasonal base
  • Located just off the main highway, close to a new casino and large shopping center in the area of wine trails and other interesting sites.
  • Just take over & make $$$$. What an opportunity!

What is the first step when buying a campground?

The first step is contacting Danielle Windus-Cook Properties to discuss location, options that you require for financing, etc. Once we find a campground that fits what you are looking for you will be asked to provide a form of identification and sign a confidentiality form with an electronic signature prior to your visit.  We will also ask you what you plan on using for a downpayment and provide proof of such.

A campground near the Eastern Finger Lakes