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Perfect Time to Sell?? When???

Has anyone ever told you when the perfect time to list your property is? Springtime perhaps?  How about June when school is out or September so the buyer can close and be in before Christmas? Ever heard the phrase “It’s a seller’s market. List now and we will have your property sold in less than 30 days”?

These are all great promises but are they the “perfect” time to list? For someone to be honest and up front there is only one time that is the perfect time to sell. That is the day that there is a buyer waiting for just what your house offers and no one knows for sure what day that is.

We can truthfully say that right now there is a low amount of inventory out there.  We can truthfully say that we have buyers being represented by our agents that are having a tough time finding what they are looking for. We can truthfully say that it may be a good time to list if you have been considering it and waiting for the perfect time. There are always buyers searching and when inventory is low, it is not always easy to find what they need, which in turn makes the chances better for the sellers. We can not truthfully say that it is the perfect time to list your house but it is possible that Your house may be just the right one. 


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Realtor Safety – How Do We Keep Everyone Safe?

Realtor Safety – How Do We Keep Everyone Safe?
Have you ever wondered what realtor safety protocols you may encounter? Realtors take precautions to protect you and your home in order to ensure a positive experience for everyone. Making sure that everyone stays safe is our top priority!

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Cindy Ingraham Receives Great Review

Cindy Ingraham Receives Great Review
Cindy Ingraham receives great review from her client!  “I could tell that she cared about getting me the right house at right place and price.” – a direct quote from one of Cindy’s buyers. She chose our office because she wanted a local agent and the person was referred to Cindy. They were obviously a good match since Cindy received nothing but “Excellent” ratings and we have a very satisfied client. Congrats Cindy.

If you are interested in contacting Cindy to help you with buying or selling your home please feel free to contact her directly – email: cindy410@aol.com mobile: 585-752-9313

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Excellent Response to a Survey for Bob Muesebeck

Bob Muesebeck Receives Excellent Survey Response
Bob Muesebeck receives excellent survey response for every category on a survey and that’s what the response from buyer, Brittany Snyder came back for Bob. Once again Bob was called because he was a friend of the family. Our realtors are well known in the area and they know the area well. Word of Mouth is where we get the majority of our business and we are proud of the fact. To quote Brittany “Bob knew our needs before we realized them ourselves! He really was looking out for our best interests. Congratulations Bob!

If you are interested in having Bob assist you with buying or selling your home please feel free to contact him at any time – Email: rmuesey@frontiernet.net Mobile: 585-738-8265

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Wet Basement

Wet Basement
Warren Engineering provides information about the wet basement problem. Basement flooding and dampness can cause extensive property damage and can rack up large costs over time.  Now that the snow is melting it is a good time to learn about this issue. Many times homeowners have no idea what can happen if this problem remains unchecked! Check out the PDF provided by Warren Engineering for more information:  Click here to view PDF

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